Hope everyone is looking forward to the show this Saturday. Should be a good time. I was getting a little nervous about the bowling pins arriving on time from the eBay seller but no need to worry – the bolwing pins have arrived! Now I’ve been questioning if I should purchase another bowling ball. Someone at work here is selling one for $10 – the same person I bought the last one from – so, I’ll probably get it. Now just have to figure out the design of the bowling lane. I’ve got a few ideas on it. I’m trying to minimize the amount of materials and build time (in 100 degree Oklahoma heat) so it’s probably going to be a pretty scrappy lane. Don’t wear your best bowling shoes and don’t expect to get any ball-spin off the 3/4″ plywood surface. Shit, you’ll be lucky to keep the ball in the lane. If anyone has taken pictures at previous Renegade shows that they would like me to display in the pre-show slideshow send them to me, Aaron at aaron47{at)mac(dot)com. Thanks to those who have already sent pictures and humorous slide images.
One more thing, I want to give props to Rico Thunder founder of the ORIGINAL Guerilla Drive-In Santa Cruz for recognizing the Renegade Picture Show on his links page and for keeping up with our progress. Viva la (drive-in) revolucion!

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