AUGUST 11 – BIG show

We’ve got some special things planned for The BL show on August 11. Not only are we showing one of the greatest comedies of all time but we are also hosting the first Renegade Outdoor Bowling night. FREE BOWLING. We’ve got a used ball, some pins from ebay and we’ll be building a lane out of plywood. Of course it’s not perfect – but that’s what makes it so damn fun! Oh and the other thing is this is going to be a dress-up show. We want everyone to dress up as a character from the movie.

Now, I have some requests – if anyone has a rug, preferably one comparable to the oriental rug in the movie, please bring it. We need something that will really tie the area together – a rug would be great. Anything else you can think of that has any relation to the film – maybe some Sioux City Sasaparilla, maybe Little Larry Sellers homework, maybe the Ringer with undies in it…but please, please, please, no guns – you can be Walter but please don’t pack heat as Walter would.

We’ll be playing some of the Dude’s tunes before the movie – along with a slideshow featuring Lebowski trivia, pics, and oddities. And of course we’ll have a pre-show with shorts related to the theme of the evening. What is the theme of the evening? Do you even have to ask? All things Lebowski and all things bowling.

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