First Show of 2008 – Saturday, April 12

Am I excited to announce the first Renegade Picture Show of this season will take place on Saturday, April 12 at dark. What time exactly? Well, we don’t know exactly – but I would imagine 8:00ish. For the first show of the new season we are showing one of my childhood favorites. An outdoor trip leader who takes a group of boys in the wilderness and through the trials and tribulations of the wild hopes to teach them, in his own way, a little bit about themselves. A the city boy who is uncomfortable in the wild and has a different way of doing things. The two clash and in the end….well…you’ll just have to see the movie.

The movie came out in 1987 so it has all the typical qualities of an 80s film. One of the best parts is that it actually has a factually accurate depiction of rock climbing – though not a very long scene.

So let’s go through how this show works again – just as a refresher for the new year AND as a primer to those who will be joining us for the first time. First of all, the movie is free. But we graciously accept donations to pay for the movie license, materials, equipment and upkeep. The movie is projected onto the back of a building. Sound is transmitted through an FM transmitter and can be heard through speakers that we will set up and through your car stereo or a portable radio. Prior to the feature presentation we have music and a slideshow, then some short films, old drive-in ads, whatever I happen to find and put together, really.

Everyone should bring something to sit in or on – namely, a blanket or chairs – unless you prefer the tailgate of your truck, back of your SUV, or front seat of your sedan. Bring some delicious snacks and beverages of your choosing. Maybe bring some to share too.

This is a community gathering and is geared towards having fun and enjoying a movie together in a unique setting. Sure it’s art – it’s an interactive experience.

This year we have a *slightly* new location for the show. Follow the same directions as before – but this year the screen is on the back of the building just east of the silos. And the business is now called Rocktown Climbing Gym. This Google map should get you (close) to here.

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