RPS on Flickr – Photos from BL show

Photos from the RPS shows can now be found on Flickr. And you will also find us on the Guerilla Drive In Group site along with some other like-minded movie events across the country. Be sure to check them out. There are a few photos from the BL show last Saturday and I expect to have a buttload more later this week. So you can check it out now but don’t forget to check it out later when I get the bulk of the photos online. Also, if you have pictures that you want me to throw out there send them my way. The more the better.

If you would like to do a show report or if you have a blog that you’ve written about a Renegade Picture Show that you’ve been to, let me know and I will link to it.

As far as the show for August 25 I have some ideas but not fully ready to commit.

Oh, almost forgot, if you want to see the bowling montage music video I put together for last week’s show (again) it’s on YouTube. Or just watch it here…

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