I’m really looking forward to this show. I think it’s going to get some mixed reactions – some people will love this film, others…..will not love this film. Part of me says, “who cares, I’m showing it anyway.” The other part, that part being my wife, says, “don’t show that, people won’t get it.”

It’s true. This is a movie that some will simply not get – they either won’t understand it – won’t think it is funny – or just plain won’t like the story. And it does have a story. It’s a heart-breakingly hilarious, depressing, yet hopeful story of one man’s passion for filmmaking and the friends and family that surround him. Ok, there’s probably a better logline than that but that’s the best I could come up with on short notice.

But take my word for it – this is a good movie – this is an excellent movie. Do yourself a favor and come watch it.

Oh – and the other film, Coven, is a short film (40 minutes) made by Mark Borchardt – the main character of American Movie. In Mark’s words, the film is “about a guy who joins a self-help group, only they’re not that helpful.” The movie is about, in part, the making of a short horror film.

For more about the movie you can check out the this website, its wikipedia entry, and IMDB. For more on the other film check out IMDB, and its wikipedia entry.

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