Show Report (and next RPS – July 21)

We had a good show last night. The crowd was a bit smaller but still a great group – many first timers – so I hope everyone had a great time and come for the next show. I think the fact that we had to cancel the show a couple of weeks ago threw people off track and they didn’t know we were having a show last night. No matter – there will be more.

Thanks to the generous people who donated money – we are getting ever closer to our goal of $400. The popularity of the show and the donations means that this is likely to continue through another season – meaning, next year. The best is yet to come – I promise you.

Another item to put on your list when coming to the Renegade Picture Show — BUG SPRAY. It’s getting to be that time of year where the heat lingers well into the evening and the bugs flourish. If anyone wants to bring some citronella candles that would be great.

There is a movie that I’ve been wanting to show since the beginning of the RPS. One of my personal favorite films but at the same time one that is not necessarily for everyone. It’s a movie that I feel a connection with – which is a little scary to say considering the main character/person – but it’s true. I love this movie so I am showing it out of pure selfishness.

Saturday, July 21 will be a double showing. More on this in a future post…

(The above was edited – no show on July 13. The next show is July 21.)

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