Show Report – Reel Rock Film Tour – And Other Stuff

We had a great turn-out for this event. This was our first gig that we required tickets for. That’s because the film cost us money to show so we needed to charge at least to break even. In order to do so I devised a plan to have vendor booths/sponsors for the event. At one… Continue reading Show Report – Reel Rock Film Tour – And Other Stuff

Show Report

I’m a little late on the show report this time around, but hey, at least I didn’t forget. It was another great showing. In my view a great showing is: comfortable weather, no technical glitches (sound or picture), a relaxed atmosphere where people enjoy the evening. This showing had all of those elements. The movie… Continue reading Show Report

Show Report – Christmas on Mars

On Friday, June 13th the Flaming Lips teamed up with deadCenter Film Festival and Rocktown Climbing Gym to present the band’s long-awaited film Christmas on Mars. The experience was unlike any I’ve ever encountered. The show took place in an enormous red and yellow circus tent with 200 seat capacity. This tent housed a large… Continue reading Show Report – Christmas on Mars

Show Report

The show on April 19 was a great opener for the 2008 season. There was a decent turnout considering the expectation of a passing spring storm and the cool conditions. I hope everyone enjoyed the movie. I know there are some corny parts to it but that’s part of what makes 80s movies so great.… Continue reading Show Report