Renegade Picture Show 2012 – New Stuff

Welcome back the Renegade Picture Show! We are working on several things to launch the new season. Right now we are in the process of creating a new screen. Our previous venue has changed since the relocation of I-40 so operations will now be moved to the north side of the building. The new screen will be larger than the old screen and super cool looking. With the change in venue there will also be a projection platform, a lawn (with actual grass), and an entire new feel to the space. We’re looking forward to opening the season so stay tuned for the launch day. Oh – I almost forgot – we have some new promo stuff like the woodblock stamp you see here (provided by etch pop). We’ll be stamping some stuff, making some postcard announcements, etc. We’ve also got a few stickers to share for those die-hard fans out there.

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