Renegade Picture Show – 2011 Season

It’s July here in Oklahoma and we are already in the midst of a major heatwave with no sign of relief. With highs in the low hundreds and nighttime lows sill in the 80s, it’s difficult to get psyched about sitting outside in the sweltering heat at 10 pm and enjoying anything. I say this only because I’m a little frustrated we missed the very small window of “mild” weather in March that would have been the beginning of this 2011 RPS season. And now here we are, in summer. I would liked to have said that we’ve already hosted four or five shows in this, our fifth season for the Renegade Picture Show, but its not so.

At this point the best we can hope for is a slight cool-down that will allow us to host a major showing.

The one good thing is that we still have plenty of time. And summer can’t last forever – can it?

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