In the Market for Sound

We are in the market for sound. Serious. Loud. Powerful. Sound. Anything we can do to increase the viewer experience at the Renegade Picture Show. Right now I have a portable stereo that I lug out to each drive-in show. It looks puny. It is puny. I’m surprised I haven’t blown a speaker yet – it’s bound to happen soon. So what I want is a PA system that BUMPS. I want something that I can keep onsite and roll out of storage when we need it. Plug that sucker in to an FM tuner for audio reception and crank it up.

I’m in the market for equipment that IS NOT BRAND NEW. But I want something that is worthy of big sound and can take a beating – or already has taken a beating. If it beats what I have now, which isn’t much, then I’m willing to take it.

If you have or know someone with such a system that would be willing to donate it – maybe in return for advertising during the show or just as a generous gesture that would be ideal. However, if you want to do it the old-fashion way where goods are exchanged for greenbacks, we can work it that way too.

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