We’re legal! First show this weekend!

The Motion Picture Licensing Corporation in LA has granted the Renegade Picture Show an exclusive license for public movie performances.

You’re asking yourself, what does that mean and why should I care?

It means, we can legally show movies in a designated public setting. You know that FBI warning you skip past and never read on DVDs? Well, if you read that you would see that videos are only licensed for “home use” and any other form of display is illegal. Sure, we may have been able to sneak by without the license – other people do it all the time – more power to them – but I’d rather not worry about it. As for the second question, why should you care? I don’t know. Maybe because we’re trying to make this a sustainable and meaningful event and this helps put it on the map for Oklahoma. Aside from that the whole license thing should be transparent to the viewer. But now’s the time to brag so why not? Frankly, I’m just happy the MPLC took us seriously.

SO – the first show is scheduled for this weekend – probably Friday night. More to come…

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